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Startups in the market
Editions 2012-2020

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is a company dedicated to the capture, analysis and management of geographic information.

Alcuza Software provides services to companies and groups that need to communicate data to their users.

Aquamática is an application that allows you to know, plan and manage the water needs of your plants.


Archangelus is an intelligent hybrid lighting system to improve safety in emergencies. 

Balanceat has created a platform that proposes and helps to build balanced menus with easily accessible products.

BePrevent is a smart solution for older people who want to maintain their independence.

Bracelit is an event and venue management system that uses electronic wristbands to control the access of its attendees.


BrainsPro is a web platform with which you can create, manage and sell online courses from your own website.

CheKin is an app that quickly, conveniently and securely solves the procedures involved in the process of renting a holiday home.

Clover Biosoft has developed software capable of identifying the particular strain causing an infection quickly.

Colindar is an app for homeowners’ associations that digitalises the management of each community.

Crowdence a T-shirt design platform that harnesses the potential of crowdfunding and social media.

Cuidelia is looking for professionals in geriatrics and nursing to travel to the homes of dependent people.


Cultiply is a system that multiplies the micro-organisms involved in food fermentation processes.

Dasware is a startup specialising in the design, development and selling of smart devices.


Dinamic Area is a software development startup that has created Opileak, a digital active listening tool. is a platform that facilitates and modernises the conventional system of booking music artists.

Ekuore is a startup that designs, develops and markets medical devices.

EPC Tracker is a cross-platform application that facilitates the management and communication of large projects.

Esportter offers digital solutions to improve processes in sports organisations.

Flamenco Nau is a platform that creates and selects flamenco events and activities.

Fonkana is a gamification platform for the creation and participation in gymkhanas through smartphones.


G2G Algae works on microalgae cultivation technology as a tool to recover and conserve natural resources.


Gamefit is an app that promotes moderate and healthy exercise through games.


Happymami is a personalised baby bottle for babies that recreates each mother’s breast in size and shape. 

Hearing Software develops IoT devices and provides technological services with social impact for dependent people.

iBabydoctor is a digital infant health record book that provides quick access to baby’s health information.

IDITIC Software offers technological solutions for hospitality, accounting and management businesses.

Interlight designs road safety-oriented solutions for smart cities.


IPECA is a solution for the incineration of farm animal carcasses.

KitCalm is a device that improves the user experience at the dentist

La Sibila is a virtual reality app that reconstructs the remains of archaeological sites.

Lesielle has created a device with which the user can immediately create the cosmetics he or she needs at any given moment.


Liceo de Farmacia is an online continuing education platform for the pharmaceutical sector.

LiveLink develops smart mobility and smart city IoT solutions such as Komobi, an anti-theft device for motorbikes.

Método Piecito has developed GoByFoot Children, a training system to stimulate motor learning in children.

NeuroDigital Technologies has created AvatarVR, a haptic device that allows you to touch and feel any virtual object.


Nubentos simplifies integrations between different software in the eHealth sector by creating a single management system. 

OpenTherapi is a platform online for psychological therapy.


Opoque is a digital platform aimed at opositor preparers that centralises all their didactic processes.

PayThunder is a startup that combines payment solutions with the development of proprietary artificial intelligence technology.


Rimud is an app for children to take advantage of mobile devices using video games that improve their abilities.


Salsero is an online directory of social dance schools, venues and events, especially in the Latin world, in Europe.

Secmotic is a technology company specialising in the development of solutions based on the Internet of Things.

SecureKids is a parental control app to ensure that children use mobile devices correctly.

Sensacultivo is a device capable of knowing the state of any type of crop in real time.

Signaled is a system that transforms conventional traffic signs into illuminated ones.

Smart Biosystem has developed a automated cultivation system for green areas, orchards and greenhouses.

Sporttia is a platform created to facilitate the integral management of a sports centre, incorporating new technologies to its facilities.

Stimulus is a stimulation and rehabilitation app that delays cognitive decline caused by neurodegenerative diseases.

Taalentfy is a platform that aims to bring talent closer to companies and also to help candidates improve their skills.


Ticksy is an app for the catering sector that allows you to manage, analyse and optimise business performance and receive orders online.

Transeop is a platform that provides national and international transport services to companies to help them reduce their shipping costs.

Vestigia is a platform that certifies the originality of products through blockchain and traces them from manufacture to sale.

Waniyanpi is the first online pet bakery that customises 100% natural snacks according to your pet’s needs.

Wavydrive is an app for drivers that informs them about their driving habits and the technical maintenance needs of their vehicle.

Wuolah is a web platform where students earn money by sharing their best university notes.


Onmove ZeroEmissions is an app aimed at tourists that allows them to rent any type of shared vehicle.

Current acceleration
Edition 2021

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Banzzu is a software that enables home ordering in bars and restaurants and improves the profitability of the business through digitalisation.


Coliving Hotels is a platform specialising in the monthly rental of hotel rooms for medium and long-term residents.


Educa360 is a virtual educational platform with 3D environments and immersive learning experiences.

Englishcafe is a platform where language teachers can offer conversation classes and immersive language experiences.


Firmafy is a app that allows you to sign any document quickly, securely and legally from your mobile phone.


Graniot is a web-app that allows agronomists and farmers to monitor their crops so that they can decide on their irrigation and fertilisation.


Kulture is an ecosystem of digital tools to help companies attract and drive talent.


Novelingo develops corporate training experiences based on storytelling for employees to improve their skills.


Oslice Technology is a startup that improves the automation of industrial processes, especially those phases that require artificial vision.


Rumie is a 100% online platform for booking accommodation and rentals for medium and long term stays.

Tales aims to modernise public services in cities by developing technology that improves the urban environment.


Travelfine is a digital platform specialising in tailor-made travel insurance that enhances travellers’ experiences.


Turify is an ERP software for tour and tourism companies that offers solutions for online sales.

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