Challenge in search of innovative 5G solutions

What is the 5G Minerva Challenge?


This challenge is part of the Impulso 5G Andalucía strategy launched by the Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) and Vodafone in the region. It is a series of challenges launched to Andalusian companies with the aim of boosting the ICT sector and the entrepreneurial fabric by developing new, creative and innovative solutions focused on the advantages offered by the use of 5G technology: mobility, ultra high-speed wireless access, M2M and Smart City solutions, etc.


After a first 5G challenge launched for the agrotech sector, the Minerva 5G Challenge was launched in 2020, exclusively for the startup community that is part of Minerva. This challenge consisted of proposing an innovative solution that would help solve a problem, improve existing services, develop new products or business models or any other proposal based on 5G technology that would have a broad impact on companies, administrations or citizens. 19 proposals were submitted by startups Minerva.

The winner: intelligent assistants from Paythunder

The solution, called ‘Artificial Intelligence applied to virtual and physical assistants using 5G’, provides 5G technology to virtual and physical assistants with artificial intelligence for a more realistic and faster interaction with users. Thanks to 5G’s ability to connect up to 100 devices per unit area more than 4G, latency (response time) will be reduced and connection speed increased. As a result, the virtual assistant and the physical robot that the startup will launch will be more autonomous and have more functionalities.

This is how the winning solution is being developed