Online training to develop your business skills

The key to success is good training, so if you´re thinking about entrepreneurship or want to simply refresh your knowledge about the business sector, you can enjoy our trainings, lectures and workshops for free. As these lectures are online, you will be able to watch the videos whenever you want and from any device.

Online Q&A: Everything you need to know  if you are an entrepreneur

Learn the basics of the Lean Startup methodology

The main doubts about business communication

The most frequently asked questions related to metrics

Experts that train you in new technologies 🔝

A learning workshop on security given by Pablo Campos, co-funder of our accelerated startup Secmotic

An amusing workshop about Scratch with How I learn Code to enjoy with the little ones at home

Sevillian ecosystem Meetups that we have the pleasure of hosting 🏡

OWASP Sevilla

The maker organization FabLab Seville

UI/UX Designers Sevilla

Featured #MinervaAcademy 🌟

Q&A on how to sell if you are an entrepreneur



In this webinar, our sales mentor of Vodafone Spain, Juan Padilla Yuste, will teach you tips to reach your potential customers and sell your product or digital solution successfully.