Lesielle Cosmetics

Lesielle has created the first adaptative customized cosmetics. Thanks to a personal device, the user can immediately create at home the specific cosmetic needed at any time. Both the treatment and the desired hydration and texture can be customized. The process consists of combining a base with up to four active ingredients and the result is a fully customized single-dose cosmetic at the touch of a button. Therefore, with its technology, Leiselle is able to offer affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of customized cosmetics.

Highlights of Lesielle Cosmetics

Winner of ´The best of the best award at the Cosmoproof 2018 international cosmetics fair

Winner of the Andalusia Emprende Awards 2018 in the CREA category


Alberto Portillo (CTO), Rubén Rubiales (CEO), Inma Santiago , team of Lesielle Cosmetics




SECTOR TIC: Salud y bienestar

SITUACIÓN ACTUAL: En comercialización


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