La Sibila

La Sibila is a cultural company that applies new technologies to dynamize cultural spaces or digitalize historical heritage. Thanks to the archeological research of the sites and the knowledge of the universal history of architecture by Art´s History, La Sibila makes possible the virtual reconstruction with a high degree of scientific accuracy of remains that are preserved in the archeological sites and complexes. Its app for tablets is currently available to visit Baelo Claudia (Cádiz). Such app offers visitors a new way of learning and enjoying this ancient Roman city.


Highlights of La Sibila

They are working on different projects based on dynamization in the Municipal Museum of San Roque (Cádiz) through Virtual Reality; or the Cultural Heritage of Lebrija (Seville) through the use of mobile phones.


Abel Martín-Bejarano (Co-founder and CEO)



SECTOR TIC: Cultura y ocio

SITUACIÓN ACTUAL: En comercialización


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