EPC Tracker

EPC Tracker

is a multiplatform application developed by Evolucionapp which facilitates the management of large organizations by capturing data in a digital and traceable way that users themselves report. It is a communication tool specially designed for field projects such as the construction of large infrastructures (airports, railways, gas pipelines, combined cycles, hydraulic power plants, etc). This system is possible thanks to the use of mobile devices to optimize communication between work teams, automate processes and know the degree of progress of the project in real time. Due to its versatility, EPC Tracker also has a version for digitalization in SMEs.

Highlights de EPC Tracker

Awarded for the Best National Startup in infrastructure and Services SACYR Innovation 2015.

Promoters of the Construye-TIC conference on innovation and digital transformation of the sector.



EMAIL: info@evolucionapp.com


SECTOR TIC: Marketing y servicios para empresas

SITUACIÓN ACTUAL: En comercialización


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