Minerva Headquarters | Minerva Program
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Where you can find us

The Vodafone 5G Smart Center, located in the Cartuja Science and Technology Park in Seville, is the current headquarters of the Minerva Program. This is the place where our projects carry out the different consulting sessions and where the team develops its work. In the first floor we can find the Minerva workplace, with many workstations for each entrepreneur. The ground floor however, is precisely the place where the smart cities developing center is located. It is a place for R&D innovation promoted by Vodafone Spain, together with the Regional Government of Andalusia.


The above-mentioned Vodafone Smart Center, a place for training, dissemination and development of new technologies applied to citizens as well as to the public sector, receives daily visits from relevant public and private entities aiming to learn about the kind of services we offer in this place. In addition to this, it also hosts demos of the Minerva projects focused on the smart city.



A space especially designed for entrepreneurs


C/ Albert Einstein (Principal) | C/ Louis Braille (Backyard)


Lines C1 y C2 | Bus stop: Américo Vespucio.


C/ Torrecelli