Transeop, the portal that revolutionizes logistics has already 15,000 users and moves 1,700 loads per month

The startup Transeop , which efficiently connects customers who want to ship goods nationally as well as internationally thanks to its wide network of carriers, celebrates its third anniversary with more than 15,000 users and moving around 1,700 loads per month.

Transeop, a project accelerated by the Minerva Program to promote technological entrepreneurship by the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Knowledge, Industry and Universities together with Vodafone, is a solution that encourages the use of routes and the free spaces in the trucks to benefit both carriers and loading companies. Just by using a mobile or a web platform, carriers can maximize their profits and leverage their routes by finding available loads to avoid free spaces and empty returns.

“We realized there was an urge need to resolve in this industry”, explains Francisco González, CEO of Transeop. “We developed a platform that would optimize trips, allowing us to take advantage of carrier returns by customers so they could ship their goods more economically”. Transeop, which started operating from Córdoba, has already reached the international market and its carriers can also reach every part of Europe. Despite the impact of COVID19, the Córdoba-based startup had invoiced more than one million euros in 2020.

Investment around 180,000 euros

Born in 2018, this startup from Córdoba has managed to position itself on the Internet as one of the first freight transportation companies. Thanks to its solution, they promote streamlining processes and thus reducing CO2 emissions.

Three years later, Transeop has managed also to close a first investment of 180,000€ and has just signed an agreement whereby the tire logistics company called Grupo Andrés, becomes a stockholder.

According to INE, around one million people in our country work in the freight transport sector and a 94% in the road sector. Nevertheless, after the impact of COVID19, the freight transport sector has suffered a decline in its activity. According to the Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport and the International Road Transport Association, they registered a 30% of trips in which the trucks were empty.

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