The keys to 5G Technology

The keys to 5G Technology: status and applications

One of the new trends in the communications sector is the arrival and implementation of 5G technology. It is a revolution that will change the way we communicate with our environment, it will be a digital transformation with a strong impact on the telecommunications sector, on companies and in many areas of our daily lives like transportation or health.

The 5G technology is the fifth generation of mobile telephony, which will replace the current 4G and will mean an improvement in communications through mobile devices. The main difference between 4G and 5G is the change in the speed of data transmission, with 5G, this speed will be up to 1000 times higher than what we currently know, even surpassing the speed of fiber optics.

Regulation in Spain and the European Union

In terms of regulation, the European Union has created the 5G PPP (5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnerchip), a joint initiative between the European Commission and the European ICT industry. the objective is to promote architectures, technologies and communication infrastructures for the implementation of this technology, wanting to make 2020 the year in which 5G is implemented in Europe. The investment of the 5G PPP group has been 700 million euros and some 800 companies from all technological sectors in Europe have collaborated. 

In Spain, the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda has prepared a planning document for the implementation of 5G technology. It is the National 5G Plan 2018-2020. The benefits of this technology in the country are expected to amount to 15 billion euros.

How will it change our lives?

Some data make us understand how the change will be, for example, being able to download a movie in less than 10 seconds or that more than 50 billion objects will be connected to the Internet. The speed of connection and the management of millions of data instantly will be a revolution for the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City and Big Data. 

The Smart City, means of transportation public and private will have constantly updated information on traffic, routes, incidents, etc., which will optimize mobility by reducing energy consumption and travel time. Also, with 5G technology, energy consumption will be reduced by 90% compared to current levels.

Devices that monitor energy consumption and needs will be transmitted more quickly and reliably. Another area that will be enhanced by 5G technology is healthcare. e-Health will become a reality with aspects such as remote surgery and tele-assistance, which will allow health centers to be less congested and optimize their resources.

Then, 5G trend leads us to a hyper-connected world that will improve energy efficiency, mobility and many areas of government administration.

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