Startups Minerva promote a more sustainable agriculture

Andalusian startups from the Minerva Program are committed to bring technology in order to promote sustainable agriculture to one of the most important sectors in our region. Greater precision, remote control and more real-time information, are some of the innovations applied by these entrepreneurs accelerated by the ICT entrepreneurship initiative of the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities together with Vodafone, to help farmers optimize their work and make agriculture an increasingly environmentally friendly activity.

This is precisely the objective of G2G Algae, a Startup from Seville that has created a system capable of allowing the cultivation of microalgae to produce sustainable fertilizer in any agricultural facility. It is an easy kit to install which automatically and at low costs, acts as a bio stimulant to regenerate and activate the soil in an environmentally friendly way.

To achieve efficiency in treatments ad water consumption, the Sevillian company Aquamática has created a sensorization system that automates irrigation and phytosanitary treatments. This solution allows farmers to consult whether to efficiently irrigate the crops thanks to an app for tablets and smartphones that at the same time, controls water savings without the need to move constantly to where the plantations are located.

For its part, the startup Smart Biosystem based in Cádiz, has developed a free maintenance irrigation solution that can be used not only in agriculture, but also in greenhouses, green areas and golf courses. Thanks to it, agricultures can save up to 60% of water.

The Huelva-based startup Sensacultivo has designed a device that controls not only the use of water but also the complete health of the crop just by using your smartphone. It consists of an easy to install system that allows the farmer to control irrigation, reduce the risk of infection of pests or crop diseases and improve soil fertilization apart from many other things.

Finally, a Córdoba-based company has created Alcuzapp which is an app specially designed for the olive grove, the most important agricultural sector in Andalusia. This application allows the entire olive campaign to be carried out in real time by any smartphone, thus helping the farmer and the mill to be in constant communication.

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