The profiles in a startup team

Times have changed, not only in communication, working methods or in the organization of business spaces, but also in the way of designating the management positions of our company undergoes a transformation. In the business worlds, Anglo-Saxon terms are becoming more and more important, and in this changing environment we need to modernize and adapt to them.

Do you know what are the usual roles in a startup?

  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer. Maximum responsible for the management and administrative direction of the company. It is the founder and who formulates the process, therefore considered as the pillar of the company.
  • COO: Chief Operating Officer. Oversees how the processes of product creation and distribution systems are being carried out. Understands the mission and objectives of the company.
  • CMO: Chief Marketing Officer. This is the person who manages sales, product development, advertising, market research and customer service.
  • CFO: Chief Financial Officer. In charge of investment, financing and risk. His main objective is to make the company grow in terms of value.
  • CIO: Chief Information Technology Officer. His position is aimed at determining which processes of new technologies can be beneficial to apply to the company´s methodology.
  • CTO: Chief Technical Officer. Responsible for the engineering team and for implementing the technical strategy to improve the final product or service.
  • CCO: Chief Communication Officer. His actions are aimed at dealing with corporate reputation, contacting the media and developing branding strategies.

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