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Bringing technology to the healthcare sector in order to improve the wellbeing of society is one of the fields of application in which several Andalusian startups are working right now in Minerva, an initiative to promote ICT entrepreneurship by the Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities is association with Vodafone. Telemedicine, home automation assistance, regenerative therapies and so on are the most innovative solutions in the field of health and well-being and are also the focus of one out of every ten startups selected by the program.

In this way, Beprevent from Córdoba, puts technology at the hands of the elderly people and on the hands of those who might have some degree of disability to provide them with more autonomy as well as guaranteeing an independent life. This startup has created an intelligent system that allows them to be at home at the same time that their relatives are informed of their health and well-being just by using a mobile phone. It is the figure of an “assistant”, who informs the family about the elderly person´s routines through notifications on their smartphones thanks to the use of sensors attached to the most used objects such as for example the pillbox, the television, the refrigerator and so on. Thanks to such useful device, the family members can consult in real time the daily activity of their most beloved ones.

ICTs are also making it possible to consult healthcare professionals without having to leave the house. This is the case of OpenTherapi, allows psychological therapies to be carried out completely online and of course, guaranteeing security. The demand for this type of service to connect mental health professionals with patients, has increased since the beginning of the pandemic. This useful solution however, offers psychologists and psychiatrists a platform to manage their entire relationship with their patients, from scheduling appointments to attending them by video conference. What is more important, it does so thanks to a technology capable of encrypting point-to-point communication, thus making it impossible to get access either to the conversation or to the documents exchanged.

Stimulus, from Jaén, has used ICTs to facilitate cognitive stimulation therapies in digital environments and mobility. It has also developed a mobile app that seeks to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease through a series of interactive exercises that train the different cognitive processes.

In the case of Gamefit, from Málaga, its main objective is to promote healthy habits through gamification and daily movement. Indeed, it is an application for moderate exercise games, promoting in this way the healthy habit of daily movement. It records the steps accumulated throughout the day and by a gamification process in the format of leagues, daily physical activity is encouraged.

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