Children in technology is a matter of learning and education

The relationship between children and technology is unstoppable and necessary. Technological devices are here to stay and children need to know how they work for proper integration in all areas where these devices are used, of which there are currently many. It is wrong to think that keeping children away from technology is to protect them, since in a digital environment, a child who does not interact with digital devices is at a disadvantage in terms of learning. One of the most recurrent measures that tutors apply is to limit the time of use of the devices, a measure that is insufficient to guarantee the correct use of technology. This is just one of many factors. Just as a child is taught languages or mathematics, technologies are also a matter of learning and education.

How to educate in a responsible use

It is necessary that children have limited time in front of a screen, for example, that they do not use them during family gatherings, such as dinners or playtime with friends or siblings. But many other factors must be taken into account. As for age, according to data from study conducted by GAD3, most children receive their own device between 11 and 12 years of age, but use those their relatives from a much younger age. Until they have their own devices, it is advisable that they always use them under adult supervision. Apart from that, it is essential not to let them be mere consumers of content, but also to encourage interaction and creation.

Another fundamental factor is education. To this end, society and parents must be aware of the use of technological devices. It is difficult to demand responsible use of this technology from children if adults do not comply. As for educational centers, technological devices are being progressively introduced in classrooms, which is an advantage for children, since it teaches them that they are not only for entertainment purposes, but also work tools. This is a good thing because in the future, many of these children will use technological devices in higher education and jobs.

Parental control

The main problem comes when children are between 10 and 12 years old. At this age, they tend to have their own devices and more freedom to use them. According to a study carried out by the Camilo José Cela University and the Madrid Salud Addictions Institute, 98% of adolescents at the age of 15 use the Internet, but only one third do so properly. However, by following the above indications, they can learn to use technological devices responsibly when they reach this age. It is also essential for parents to be aware of the risks to which children are exposed, to show them the consequences they can have and to keep track of the use of mobile devices.

For this purpose, there are parental control services that encourage the correct use of technology by minors. One example is the SecureKids application for Android devices, which ensures both, families and schools, that their children are using mobile phones correctly. This application has numerous features such as blocking applications, web and call control and even geolocation so that guardians know the children location at all times.

The aim is not, therefore, to keep children away from technology and mobile devices, but to encourage them an appropriate use that promotes learning and leisure time for children.

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