The eight pillars of digital marketing in social networks

Nowadays, social networks are the best way to reach a greater number of people, since practically everyone use them and the information is spread quickly and efficiently. There are different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, among the most used, through which content can be disseminated. Here are the eight pillars of digital marketing, according to Matthew Bartnik, that will teach you how to transform your social media strategy.

1. Creating your goals

The first step is to consider your goals for a campaign. What are you looking to get out of this campaign and how will it benefit your business? Do you want to generate more traffic to your website, store or blog? Do you want to increase your brand recognition? You must ask yourself these questions so as to focus and analyze each goal. You can’t create a process to reach your goal if you haven’t defined what you goal is in first place.

2. Find your target market

Just as important as defining your goals, is finding the right customer. Many companies started and failed not because their product was bad or their marketing was bad, but because they were chasing the wrong customer. When marketing, remember to focus on your customers and their needs, not just on your product, your service or yourself. Until you have listened to what your customer customers have to say and understood what they are really looking for, you can’t have a real target market.

3. Optimize your website to achieve your goals

You need t be easy to find. People should be able to locate you just by searching for a word or phrase, and that is what a key word does. You need to know what key words does people normally search for and incorporate them to your website so that they can easily find your page. Moreover, you will need to understand how you can make sure more customers see your website through content marketing: blogging or publishing content in different forms. Adding a blog to your website can greatly increase your visibility.

4. Find the right platforms for you

You can always work with as many social media sites as you wish, to make yourself more visible. However, that does not mean that each of them is responsive to your needs. Indeed, each site is totally different depending on who it targets and how it is organized, so choose carefully when planning your campaign to get the most out of them.

5. Tracking your competition

Keep and eye on your main competitors and see what you can learn from them in terms of keywords and knowledge. If they are successful in their social media marketing campaigns, identify what they are doing well and then think about how you can do the same in a more innovative ad engaging way. This is way, you´ll be able to unlock new opportunities while realizing past mistakes and doing what you can to avoid them.

6. Time management

Time is the only commodity you cannot buy, sell or trade, yet it is the one thing we’d all like to have. Traffic, meetings and a constant barrage of interruptions gobble up the time you thought you had in your schedule, often causing you to shift and refocus the day´s activities. How do you make the most of the time you have? You must learn to manage you schedule, and this management starts with priorities. You can create a list of things you have to do, from most to least important things and get to it. Regarding distractions, try putting your mobile phone on silent mode when you are working on a task and check it so often.

7. Value first, money will come later

If the potential repercussions for you can be undesirable when you use your personal social media account irresponsibly, think about how much more undesirable the effects could be on your brand or business if you handle social media in a way that could embarrass you. The key is to get people to take action on your brand’s social media content, whether it is in the form of likes, commenting or sharing. Practice two-way communication by acknowledging positive ratings and your concern about negative ones.

8. Change constantly

One of the biggest mistakes marketing departments in large companies make is that they get too comfortable. Their current approach is working, so why change it? That’s great until the current approach stops working. Why? Because time changes. So, your approach must change and adapt to different times, you must constantly have an eye on the future that is about to come.

Technology is changing our lives in many ways and the biggest change, without a doubt, has been the Internet, a world full of possibilities that if you know how to take advantage of it, can lead you to success.


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