BePrevent is a routine monitoring system for elderly and dependent people living independently through IoT tags placed on everyday objects. Such tags help to identify risky and dangerous situations. It is a preventive system that performs non-intrusive monitoring and stores information that is then given to their families or caregivers with the app. It has also a service for companies that records the data of those professional caregivers. BePrevent Check is a sensorial keychain that accompanies the caregiver during their workday and automatically records the exact time of access and departure from the home.

Highlights of BePrevent

Among the 6 most innovative solutions in the world in the area of elderly care according to Mobile World Capital.

Winner of Innovation Talks 8×8 2017.


Rafael Serrano, CEO of BePrevent



SECTOR TIC: Salud y bienestar

SITUACIÓN ACTUAL: En comercialización.


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