Balanceat is a company that develops projects in the health sector, especially in the field of nutrition, with the mission of improving people’s diet and lifestyle. Its first product is a recommendation platform for the preparation of balanced menus made with supermarket´s fresh products. This platform has a line of business focused on schools in which it offers a specific version for the school canteen. In addition to this, in alliance with Whitebite, is has developed Marty says, an initiative for children that aims to facilitate the task of planning a family´s meals.


Highlights of Balanceat

They have signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Seville.

In 2019 they have launched Nutrition 55+ which is a project in the Healthy Aging program of the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Regional Government.

Mª Carmen García Parrilla (Nutricional Advisor) and Antonio García Parrilla (CEO)



SECTOR TIC: Salud y bienestar

SITUACIÓN ACTUAL: En comercialización


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