In this section we tell you in detail what the route of the 2021 acceleration will be like

The 2021 edition is currently in progress! We have selected 30 startups to start acceleration in January 2021. There is no open call at the moment. More info at NEXT EDITION.

Acceleration Stages
This is the structure for the coming year

100% VIRTUAL PRE-ACCELERATION* ” January – February 2021


This stage is open to a maximum of 30 startups Minerva. They will work on the fundamentals of the Lean Startup methodology and different tools aimed at defining and validating the business model. The entrepreneurs will also acquire basic knowledge in commercial action and communication that will help them to face the first experiments with greater guarantees of success.


At the end of this pre-acceleration, a selection of 15 startups Minerva will be made, depending on the level of performance shown by the startups and the degree of validation of the business model achieved in the pre-acceleration, together with the initial assessment criteria, will be key to selecting those selected.


ACCELERATION Stage 1 » march – july 2021


For five months we will work intensively with a maximum of 15 startups that have demonstrated potential and capacity to continue in the acceleration process. The objective of this second stage is for the projects to carry out a complete validation of their business model and gain traction. In communications, the online and offline communication of the business project will be worked on. In sales, basics knowledge will be acquired for the development of commercial action. And from the legal point of view, key legal aspects for the correct development of a company will be dealt with.


ACCELERATION Stage 2: sales and investment » september – december 2021


This stage is open to a maximum of 10 startups Minerva, which will be selected from the first stage after validating the most critical aspects of the business model and demonstrating some traction. In this second stage we will focus on preparing and accompanying the project in the search for funding and investment and improving the commercial skills of the promoter team. Therefore, startups must have a validated business model.


At the end of each of the two acceleration phases, the best projects will be awarded financial prizes. To select them, all the milestones achieved by the project during the acceleration will be taken into account – performance and commitment shown, traction achieved, degree of validation of the business model – and, fundamentally, that the business plan.

Acceleration Areas

Edition 2021

How has the 2021 acceleration programme been designed?It is based on 4 different work blocks that deal with all the essential business aspects for any technological business. The areas will be developed under the guidance of the Minerva Team.

Business development

Business development

The priority objective of the business area is for the startups to validate its business model and achieve traction. It works with the Lean Startup methodology. Participants will develop experiments to learn about their market. Startups that manage to achieve this first objective will be able to develop a business plan.

Comms and marketing

Comms and marketing

The work in this area covers online and offline communication: social media, mass media, public speaking and marketing online. Media coverage is guaranteed in the acceleration stage, which will grow as the startup progresses towards the final stage.



Each startup Minerva will be assigned a mentor from Vodafone Spain. The sales area provides startups Minerva with a suitable methodology for developing their commercial skills to launch themselves in the market. They will work on the sales pitch and how to manage a portfolio of customers.



In the acceleration stage, the startups Minerva will have to work on legal documentation such as a partner agreement or learn about regulations such as privacy policy or RGPD. They will also have legal advice to help them resolve doubts and guide them through legal processes.

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